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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference In OEM Filters & Aftermarket Filters?

OEM is the abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacture and it simply means a filter that is made and sold by the same manufacturer as the original piece of equipment.

The Aftermarket Filter Industry is the secondary market of the OEM Industry, concerned with the manufacturing, re-manufacturing, distribution, retailing, and installation of all filters, parts, chemicals, equipment, and accessories, after the sale of the application it was made for by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to the consumer

The major difference between OEM Filters & Aftermarket Filters is the cost. OEM Filters tend to cost a lot more than Aftermarket Filters and the reason of why is a highly debatable topic because some believe that OEM Filters cost more because they are a higher quality than Aftermarket Filters but others argue that for the same cost as an OEM Filter you can manufacture a far superior filter suggesting that greed is the motive.

One major thing that consumers need to take in account when purchasing Aftermarket Filters is you get what you pay for so if you buy a replacement filter some shady company that is charging a fraction of the  price of the OEM then you can probably expect a far lower quality filter.

The good news for you is that you found this post because Online Filter Supply LLC, only uses the finest materials available and equipment to manufacture our replacements filters and we guarantee that our replacement filters will meet or exceed the original equipment manufacture overall quality or you get your money back. We also take it a step further than other suppliers and require all the filters we sale to pass an extensive 5 point inspection that ensures every filter we sale is in good condition and functioning.  

If The Filter Is Sold By The Carton Can I Still Purchase Individual Filters?

We do allow customers to break cartons but we reserve the right to charge a $10 fee on certain products. There is also some products that we aren't able to break the carton on so we encourage you to call us at 801-290-2595 or 877-746-6227 or email us at to confirm the availability of broken cartons and if a fee will apply.

What Are Your Shipping Rates

We offer flat rate shipping that is based off your location, package weight & total order amount. Our shipping system then takes all this information and determines the best shipping category for your order.

Can I Use My Own UPS Account Number

Okay so we are the first ones to admit that our shipping policy needs some work but with that being said yes we allow you to use your own UPS Account Number. You simply add your account number to the field provided in the checkout processes "But" our shipping system still requires you to pay the shipping cost until we can verify your account which takes about 24 hours or less.