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Pleated Paper Elements

Online Filter Supply has a vast inventory of pleated paper elements that are in stock and ready for shipment in as little as 24-48 hours.

Pleated Paper Elements are used to remove contaminate particles from a number of different oils such as lube oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils, insulating oils and quench oils as well as in coolants, fuels, solvents and water.

At OFS we sell and manufacture high-quality Pleated Paper Filter Elements, that meet or exceed the overall quality of our OEM partners. We do this by identifying the weak areas of the filtration process and improving them in our manufacture process. We then only use the finest resin impregnated cellulose available to ensure our pleated paper elements can handle those low pressure drops, higher flow rates with or without glass fibers making it so we are able to manufacture a higher quality of pleated paper elements that are designed to improve the entire filtration process by filtering the finest contaminates found in oils,coolants, solvents and water.