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FLK04-01749 | Fluitek Corp. | Radial Seal Air Intake Element
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FLK04-01749 | Fluitek Corp. | Radial Seal Air Intake Element | OFS # 97-28-8366

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Performance Data
Micron Rating:  15.00

Beta Rating: 

Collapse Pressure Rating: 

Maximum Temperature: 

Direction of Flow:  OUTSIDE->IN

Recommended Changeout Differential Pressure:  20 PSID

Dimensional Specifications
Outer Diameter, Top:  4.94 IN   (125.48 MM)

Outer Diameter, Bottom:  4.94 IN   (125.48 MM)

Inner Diameter, Top:  2.91 IN   (73.91 MM)

Inner Diameter, Bottom: 

Length:  12.63 IN   (320.80 MM)

Thread:  NONE

Physical Specifications
Handle:  NONE

Seal Material:  MOLDED

Type of Adhesive: 

Type of Endcap:  PLATED STEEL

Center Tube:  STEEL

Type of Media:  PAPER

Filter Area:  SQ.IN.


Outer Jacket:  NONE

Configuration:  SINGLE OPEN END

Packaging Specifications
Number per Carton:  1

Carton Weight:  2.00 LB   (0.91 KG) **All Online Filter Supply replacement parts are "equivalent" to or "interchangeable" with original manufacture parts, Names and part # used for cross reference only.**